BCCOA Homemaker ProgramIs it becoming harder for you to do your own housework? If you are having problems bending or lifting and it inhibits your ability to clean your own home or apartment, then you could benefit from our Homemaker Program.

Our homemaker contractors will visit every other week for up to two hours each visit. The typical services include light housekeeping such as:  vacuuming, light dusting, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and completing a load of laundry.

Persons eligible to receive homemaker services are individuals 60 years of age or older and full-time residents of Benzie County.

An in-home assessment is conducted by our coordinator to help determine the scope of services you may need. Charges for these services are determined using a sliding fee scale based on your household income.

Please call 231-525-0600 for more information or to sign up for the Homemaker Program or complete a Referral Form and mail to BSR.

The Homemaker makes my home sparkle and makes me feel better knowing it’s clean. She is able to work and talk to me while she cleans which makes my day go by better. I could not manage cleaning like she does for now and it allows me to feel like having someone stop in and visit because it’s clean.

Following an injury and illness, I contacted BCCOA. I cannot climb stairs or ladders. Scrubbing floors is very difficult. I cannot change light bulbs. Making the bed is harder now. Having a clean house is important to me. My worker’s pride in her work has given pride in my home back to me.