Did you that nearly 40% of all of all adverse drug reactions reported each year involve people over 60 years old. Older adults take more medication now than ever before. The average person over 65 takes between 2 and 7 prescription medications daily.
While medications can have a positive impact on our health, they also can be harmful if not used properly.

The Medication Management Program was created to help organize the medication box, follow doctors’ orders, and keep a safe supply of medicine. By understanding the risks and benefits of medicines, we can help you or a loved one stay safe. Our nurses will contact the client’s pharmacist and get the prescriptions refilled.

Medication Set Up and Monitoring

Our nurses will set up medications weekly or bi-weekly as needed. We will review medications with your physician and monitor for side effects, interactions, or other problems that may occur. This service helps ensure that medications are taken safely and appropriately, thus decreasing the chances of serious side effects which can lead to falls, mental confusion, and hospitalization.

Call us at 231.525.0600 and speak with our nursing staff to discuss how this program can help you or a loved one.