Many seniors rely on Social Security as their only source of income, which oftentimes is not enough to maintain the normal expenses of living (let alone emergency expenses). The Senior Essential Needs Fund helps to bridge the gap for vulnerable seniors needing repairs or updates to their home.

Needs include:

  • Automobile repairs
  • House maintenance
  • Building ramps
  • Updated plumbing and heating
  • Roof repairs 
  • Help paying for medications
  • Utilities
  • Food and other shelter needs

Benzie Senior Resources partners with other support agencies to assist with these expenses. 

Helps is just a phone call away.

Call us at 231.525.0600 for more information on applying for funds.

Benzie County Senior Essential Needs Fund

Eligibility Requirements and Terms:

  • You or your spouse must be a current resident of Benzie County (Proof of Residency is required)
  • Must be 60 years old and older
  • Full disclosure of all sources of income are required; i.e., most recent federal income tax return, social security, bank, pension statements, etc. and the total of annual gross income must be below 200% of poverty level for applicant to be considered. 
  • Recognizing the fund’s limited resources, the person seeking assistance will first be encouraged to investigate other potential avenues of assistance within the community and bring proof of those visits and/or assistance to the BSR office
  • Real estate ownership will be verified 
  • Home repair applications will be considered only for homeowners. Rental units/homes will not be considered.
  • Applications for automobile repair require a copy of the vehicle title proving ownership
  • Please provide a copy of the invoice/bill to be considered with this application. Upon approval of application, full or partial payment is made directly to the business, service provider or agency
  • Access to the Benzie County Senior Essential Needs Fund is limited to once per year per family.
  • Categories for assistance include (but are not limited to):
    • Health – Prescription medications, immediate health needs or treatments, medical transportation expenses, dental, vision & hearing needs
    • Safety & Welfare – Utilities, transportation, environmental home safety, repairs, contributions to major appliances
  • A request for emergency funds may be initiated by a Benzie Senior Resources staff member, a referring organization or the client or client’s family/friends