Benzie County Council on Aging merges with Benzie Home Health Care

HONOR, MICHIGAN – Nearly 32 percent of the population of Benzie County will benefit from a merger of two nonprofit organizations announced today. Benzie County Council on Aging (BCCOA) and Benzie Home Health Care legally merged to form a new nonprofit organization, Benzie Senior Resources, effective October 5, 2016. The new organization will be led by Douglas Durand, former Executive Director of the BCCOA.

The mission of Benzie Senior Resources is to provide exceptional services, resources and trusted care to support Benzie seniors. Benzie Senior Resources exists to enrich the lives of all Benzie seniors by identifying focused priorities designed to maximize resources to meet community needs. The staff, volunteers and Board are committed to providing services, resources and creative, innovative leadership in order to make Benzie County a livable, age-friendly community that promotes senior dignity and independence.

“The Board, staff and volunteers of both organizations are excited and enthused about completing the merger process to streamline and strengthen programs and services that support up to 5,800 senior citizens currently living in Benzie County,” said Durand. “By joining forces to form Benzie Senior Resources, we are combining the talent and expertise of both nonprofit organizations to offer a complete menu of resources to the entire senior population through one organization. This comprehensive and integrated delivery of services is designed to increase the ability of seniors in Benzie County to stay in their homes while improving their quality of life, health and safety, nutrition and social support systems.

“It’s a true win-win for seniors and all of us who are passionate about our senior population,” said Benzie Senior Resources Board member, Nancy Call. “Both organizations understood the benefits of merging from the outset. It was a smooth process and the real beneficiaries are our growing population of seniors. Whether it is home care help, home delivered meals, special events or responding to the circumstances of an individual, all services of both organizations will come together through Benzie Senior Resources.”

Durand stated that Benzie Senior Resources has combined the talent from both organizations resulting in 16 board members, 25 staff and a combined budget of approximately $1,582,776. “Complete alignment of both organizations requires thoughtful planning and time,” commented Douglas Durand. Over the next few months the organizations will become fully integrated with plans to launch the new logo, website and informational materials in early 2017.

“This merger will result in greater efficiency and better outcomes for seniors in Benzie County, stated former Director of Benzie Home Health Care, Mary Dykstra. So much of what the two organizations were working for independently was aligned. As one organization there is an increased level of expertise and cohesive service delivery. I am confident that with the leadership of Douglas Durand, commitment of staff and continued involvement of volunteers and supporters, Benzie Senior Resources will build a better community for all seniors.”

The merger process was coordinated by a Northsky Nonprofit Network consultant team that included Tim Ervin, Jen Booher and attorney Kate Redman. Northsky Nonprofit was created by Rotary Charities of Traverse City to provide support services for nonprofit organizations and is under the direction of Program Director, Becky Ewing.

Please contact Benzie Senior Resources Executive Director, Douglas Durand at 231- 525-0600 for information about services and programs.

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