Foot Care Clinic

Foot Care Clinic ProgramOften, people have a difficult time caring for their feet because of these common underlying factors:

  • A diagnosis of diabetes
  • Arthritis that makes self-care challenging
  • Limited mobility
  • Poor eyesight
  • Inability to reach their feet
  • Other medical conditions that limit physical exertion
  • Thickened, fungal toenails that are difficult to clip

About the Foot Care Clinic

Every 6 weeks beginning at 9:00 am at the Administration Office, we offer a foot care clinic including nail trimming and provide an overall foot assessment by a trained Registered Nurse. Reservations are necessary for this service and there is no cost to you but we gladly accept donations. If you are homebound and are unable to come to our office, our volunteer nurse will come out to your home to provide this valuable service.

It is important to practice good foot care and maintain regular foot inspections to avoid potential problems and to improve your health and comfort level.

Please bring your own water basin and clippers.

Would you like more information on foot care? Click here to read a Foot Care Fact Sheet.


Please Call 231-525-0600

for more information or to make your reservation for the Foot Care Clinic